Sophie Lien Dinh

With a blend of psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and deep business acumen, Sophie Lien Dinh is your compass in the journey of personal and organizational transformation.

Transforming Leaders, Inspiring Growth.

Welcome to the crossroads of transformation and self-discovery. Here, under Sophie’s expert guidance, visions become reality, challenges turn into opportunities, and each individual uncovers the best version of themselves.

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With a blend of psychology, neuro-linguistic programming, and deep business acumen, Sophie Lien Dinh is your compass in the journey of personal and organizational transformation.


Ready to transform with Sophie?

Are you ready for transformation? Delve into a realm of self-discovery and professional excellence.

Tranform your #Business

Discover a partner who believes in your business's potential as much as Sophie does. Sophie's expertise is a perfect fit for Corporate Leaders, Entrepreneurs, HR managers, and NGOs ready for transformative change

Transform #Yourself

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth with Sophie's specialized services crafted for individuals. Her expertise and genuine commitment will inspire and support you every step of the way.

Her Truly Distinctive Approach

At the heart of what Sophie does lies a truly distinctive approach that sets her apart as a transformative leader. Sophie’s approach isn’t just a methodology; it’s a philosophy that encompasses innovation, empathy, and a deep commitment to your growth journey.

Holistic & Strategic Thinking

Sophie’s whole-brain approach helps her quickly identify the root cause of any problem, which leads to faster solutions, longer-lasting competitive advantages, and more stable business growth.


It is about personalization, precision, and empowerment. It’s the assurance that your coaching and mentoring experience will be uniquely yours, leading you on a path to success that’s tailor-made for your journey.

Next-level Initiative

Means going beyond the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. It involves setting audacious goals, developing innovative strategies, and pushing the envelope of what’s possible.

Silver lining

With her unique methodology and unwavering commitment, Sophie helps you find the bright side in every situation, propelling you toward your goals with optimism and resilience.

"It's fascinating to uncover the untapped potential of infusing psychology into business strategies."


“I have known Sophie Lien for years since a meeting held for international business executives. Sophie Lien is a successful businesswoman, with a keen sense of profitable business opportunities and a great focus on human development. At the same time, Sophie excels at leading by example, motivating & coaching her staff, and eliciting that employee engagement that delivers the discretionary effort of high performers. I highly recommend Sophie to any business leader interested in corporate events, culture, leadership, and performance initiatives for sustainable business growth."
Dr. Andreas Stoffers
Country Director - Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom Vietnam



Sophie provides transformative insights that illuminate the pathway to success. Whether you seek to refine your business strategy, cultivate a vibrant corporate culture, drive learning and development, or assess and elevate your leadership team, Sophie’s Consulting services are the compass that points you toward tangible, sustainable growth.

Join hands with Sophie to chart your course to success, one illuminated step at a time.

Business Strategy

Corporate Culture

Learning and Development

Leader Assessment


Whether you’re looking to sharpen your leadership abilities, elevate client management, or enhance communication skills, Sophie’s Training services provide a transformative learning experience.

Prepare to embark on a journey where knowledge meets action, and where personal and professional development converge to create a brighter, more empowered future.


Train the trainer

Equip your trainers to become dynamic educators. Sophie’s Train the Trainer program imparts the skills and confidence needed to deliver impactful training sessions.


Leadership Skills

Leadership is more than a title; it’s a skill. Sophie’s Leadership Skills training empowers individuals to lead with excellence, drawing from the fields of psychology and leadership.


Client Management

Strengthen client relationships for lasting success. Our Client Management training equips your teams with the tools to build trust and exceed client expectations.


Communication Skills

Effective communication is a game-changer. Sophie’s Communication Skills training enhances your ability to convey messages with clarity, persuasion, and impact.


Whether it’s fostering stakeholder engagement, fine-tuning team dynamics, or coaching leaders to overcome challenges and lead with confidence, Sophie’s expertise shines through. She facilitates meaningful conversations, inspires collaboration, and empowers transformative growth.

With Sophie as your guide, expect to embark on a journey of self-discovery and heightened performance, where every step leads to a more cohesive, effective, and successful future.

I'm here to infuse your business strategy with a powerful blend of

Psychology and Leadership Acumen!


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